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John Kereiff, The Rock Doctor (British Columbia, Canada)

"There’s a Crazy Horse crossed with SRV energy at work here, a ruggedness that you don’t find in that many rock & roll records these days..."

Hot Wax Album Reviews by the ROCK DOCTOR March 14th, 2021 | Gonzo Okanagan Online News, Music, Technology, Sports, Film, Arts & Entertainment, Culture, Wine & Dine... Life!

Vicente Zumel, "La Hora Del Blues" (Barcelona, Spain)

"...with this trio, Aris has discovered the strength, energy, communication and clarity of ideas that can be developed among three musicians who share the same musical vision and philosophy


BMan's Blues Report 

"This is a solid band from my original hometown and glad to see the Burg with a cool, contemporary rock band."

Bman's Blues Report: Aris Paul Band - Ghosts - New Release Review (

Shirley McMarlin, "Pittsburgh's Aris Paul Band Wins National Honor..."

"Winning was made sweeter for Paul and his family because “Better Man’s Shoes” is a tribute to his late maternal grandfather, Herbert “Bing” Kosanovich, a veteran of both World War II and the Pittsburgh steel mills..."

Pittsburgh’s Aris Paul Band wins national honor for best rock act |

2021 HMMA WINNER (Rock), "Better Man's Shoes" (Ghosts/2020)

JD Nash, "American Blues Scene"

Hollywood Music In Media Awards (


"At its core, the song is joyous and unifying, and that's carried through in the music. The horn section is a nod to the Memphis sound..."

Calvin Powers, "Heavy Rotation on the Americana Music Show"

"...I hear strains of Lyle Lovett in his voice and the same wry observational skills. Plus, just seems like one of the good guys."

Rainey Wetnight, "Blues Blast Magazine"

"When the band combines postmodern angst with classic sentiment and blues-rock rhythm, dynamite results..."

Melanie Stangl, "Sound Scene Express"

"He (Paul) plays with both precision and soul; it’s technically remarkable and genuinely moving..."

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